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About our company
Our company specializes in the supply of medical supplies and equipment. We represent several foreign manufacturing companies and are proud of our cooperation. High quality products, flexible system of discounts, constant availability of goods in stock are the main components of our success. We are sure that each client will find for himself what he needs.
Breathing tube made of soft elastic medical grade PVC
Breathing tube with bag and adapter
Breathing tube with a bag (for children)
Manual breathing apparatus
Humidifier complete with aerosol mask and oxygen hose
Sternal needle for bone marrow aspiration biopsy
Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy Needles
Guillotine needles for soft tissue biopsy
Reusable Automatic Biopsy System
Semi-automatic disposable biopsy device.
Myeloaspiration needle.
Semi-automatic device for biopsy
Cytological Fine Needle Biopsy Needle
Aspiration biopsy device
Skin biopsy device
Self-expanding nitinol stent
Single channel embolectomy catheter
Set for insertion of ureteral stents
Transdermal drainage kit
Sets for central venous catheterization
Set for analgesia of postoperative wounds
Valvuloplasty catheter
Transdermal drainage kit
Ureteral catheter
Catheter for hysterosalpingography
Epidural catheter
Aortic catheter
Needle tubular for lumbar puncture
Standard tubular needle for spinal anesthesia
Coronary catheters for angioplasty
Thoracic drainage catheter with trocar
3 piece catheter
Cystostomy set
Nephrostomy kit
Epidural Anesthesia Kit
Infusion pump extensions
Pediatric umbilical vein catheter
Intestinal catheter
Suction catheter
Capacity for long-term aspiration from wounds
Three-way medical tap
Device for rotating the conductor
Rotating Y-Type Adapter
Sets for intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation
Set for hysterosalpingography
Set for replacement of a catheter "Nefrostom"
Neonatal meconium aspirator
Accessories for intravascular implantation
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